Interview Preparation

Top WordPress Interview Questions – 2021

Q1. What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open-source content management system (CMS) and a blogging tool. It is written in PHP programming language. It is free of cost so you can use it for creating personal and commercial websites. It is licensed under GPL.

Q2. What is the difference between posts and pages?

Posts appear in reverse chronological order so that recent post could be seen first.Pages are static in nature and independent of history. Pages remains same, rarely updated.
Posts are dynamic and can be updated frequently.Pages are static and don’t need to update so frequently.
Posts have author and timestamp which display published date and time for a post.Pages don’t show published date and time.
While creating posts, we can assign categories and tags to a post, which makes easier to search.Pages don’t have any categories and tags.
Posts appear in RSS feed so the subscribed user to your blog can receive notification for latest post.Pages don’t appear in RSS feed.
Posts are social.Pages are not social.

Q3. What are the minimum requirements to use WordPress?

To run WordPress recommended host should have:

  • PHP 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.1 or greater
  • Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module
  • HTTPS support

Q4. What are the latest version of WordPress?

The latest version of WordPress is 5.7.2 released till July 15, 2021.

Q5. What are the steps should be followed for installing WordPress manually?

Step1: Download WordPress

Step2: Create MySQL Database and User

Step3: Run the Installation

  • Open a new browser window and navigate to the WordPress file path. You will see the first screen of the WordPress installer.

Step4: Complete the Installation

  • First installation page will open WordPress setup page where you will be asked to choose language. Please select the preferred language and click on the Continue button.
  • Now on the second installation screen, you will see a welcome page that says, “Welcome to the famous five-minute WordPress installation process!”.
  • Please fill these fields.
    • Site Title
    • Username
    • Password
    • Your Email
    • Search Engine Visibliity

Step5: Finally click on install WordPress

  • Once you filled out all the information on the installation page, you will have to click on Install WordPress button which will lead to the final screen of the installation where you can see the message “WordPress has been installed. Thank you, and enjoy!”.

Q6. Why to use WordPress and what are the features of WordPress?

WordPress comes with so many in-built features and continuously updating.

  1. The WordPress software is Free and Open-Source.
  2. The easy installation method
  3. In-built SEO engine
  4. Multilingual – available in several languages
  5. It adapts any type of websites. (Blogs, Forums, E-commerce sites, E-learning Portals, Non-profit websites, News/Media Websites)
  6. It supports several media types. (Image, documents, audio, video)
  7. It has huge community which helps in easy to learn.
  8. Easy to customize WordPress theme and plugins.
  9. Flexible and easy publishing options
  10. Preview Themes and page/post contents before publishing.

Q7. What is the difference between and is an open source software and free of cost. Only you need a domain name and hosting server. This is also called self hosted WordPress.

  • You own your website and all its data. No one can turned off your website as it will be against terms of service.
  • You can also add free, paid and custom WordPress plugins and app to your website.
  • You can customize your website theme and plugin as well.
  • You can monetize your website by running ads without sharing revenue with the others. is a hosting service created by Automattic, the company by WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg.

  • The hosting service comes with different pricing plans. Free hosting services has very limited features.
  • Updates and backups are managed by
  • It does not allow to run ads on free websites. Only if your website run with high traffic website, then you can join their own WordAds program and share your ad revenue with
  • To build ecommerce website in, you have to pay some amount per year.

Q8. How many tables are created in WordPress by default?

Till now 15th July 2021, there are total of 11 tables in WordPress created after installation. It will viewed in phpMyAdmin -> databases -> database name

  1. wp_commentmeta
  2. wp_comments
  3. wp_links
  4. wp_options
  5. wp_postmeta
  6. wp_posts
  7. wp_terms
  8. wp_term_relationships
  9. wp_term_taxonomy
  10. wp_usermeta
  11. wp_users

Q9. In WordPress, objects are passed by value or by reference?

In WordPress, all objects are passed by value.

Q10. In which cases, WordPress is not preferable for a website?

There are some situations in which WordPress is not suited to use:

  • If the website require custom scripting solutions.
  • If the website page structure alter frequently.
  • For sophisticated and innovative e-commerce sites.
  • If the client is working on the non-CMS based project.