Learn MySQL

MySQL Stored Procedure

In this section, you will learn how to work with stored procedure and stored functions in MySQL.

Section 1: Stored Procedure Basics

  • Introduction to Stored Procedure
  • Changing the default delimiter
  • Creating a new stored procedure
  • Removing a stored procedure
  • Using variables inside the stored procedure
  • Stored procedure with parameters
  • Altering stored procedure

Section 2: Conditional Statements

  • Using IF THEN statement
  • CASE statement

Section 3: Loops in Stored Procedure

  • Loop
  • While Loop
  • REPEAT Loop
  • LEAVE statement

Section 4: Error Handling

  • Errors and Exception Handling
  • Raising Errors

Section 5: Cursors

Section 6: Stored Functions

  • Creating a stored function
  • Removing a stored function
  • Getting a list of stored function