One Word Substitutions

Go through the list of one word substitutions and strengthen your vocabulary base. It is based on the concept that ask you to replace a given sentence with an appropriate word.

  • Loss of Memory Amnesia
  • Stealing from the writings of others Plagiarism
  • Strong dislike between two persons Antipathy
  • That which cannot be perceived by touch Intangible
  • Things taken by robbers Booty
  • Things to be corrected in a printed book Corrigendum
  • A traditional story related to deities Myth
  • Want of sleep Insomnia
  • An admirer of art Dilettante
  • A medicine to counteract the effect of a poison Antidote
  • Art related to ornate, good handwriting Calligraphy
  • Study of collection of coins, tokens, paper money etc. Numismatics
  • Study of human development Anthropology
  • Study of religion Theology
  • One with unlimited power Autocrat
  • One who is all knowing Omniscient
  • One who turns his thoughts inwards Introvert
  • Well known for bad qualities Notorious
  • One who loves without seriousness Philanderer
  • Mentally identifying oneself with other person or a thing Empathy
  • Practice of several marriages (having many wives) Polygamy
  • An inheritance from father Patrimony
  • Absence of government Anarchy
  • Expressive in the use of words Eloquent
  • A forward look or a view into future Prospect
  • Careful, cautious watch on surroundings Circumspect
  • Make to happen at the same time Synchronize
  • Capable of moving in all directions Omnidirectional
  • Examine one’s motives or look inwards Introspect
  • Living on fruits Frugivorous
  • Trees whose leaves fall every autumn Deciduous
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