PHP 8: Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler

PHP 8 introduced a significant new feature known as the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler.

The JIT compiler is designed to improve the performance of PHP scripts by dynamically translating PHP bytecode into machine code at runtime. This approach aims to reduce the overhead associated with interpreting PHP code on every request, resulting in faster execution times and improved overall performance for PHP applications.

Here are some key points about PHP 8’s JIT compiler:

Dynamic Translation

The JIT compiler takes PHP bytecode and translates it into machine code just before it is executed. This machine code can be executed more efficiently by the server’s CPU.

Performance Boost

By reducing the need for interpreting PHP code repeatedly, the JIT compiler can significantly improve the execution speed of PHP scripts. This can lead to faster response times for web applications.

Resource Optimization

The JIT compiler can help optimize resource usage by reducing CPU load, making PHP applications more resource-efficient.

Enabled by Default

In PHP 8, the JIT compiler is enabled by default, making it readily available for developers to take advantage of without additional configuration.

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