Learn PHP Tutorial

PHP Install

To work with PHP, we should have a web host and a MySQL

If you have a server that is configured for PHP, you can start by creating a file with extension “.php” and save to web directory. Server will parse it automatically.

You do not need any extra tools.

How to install PHP on localhost:

Download software “WAMP” – for Window, “LAMP” – for Linux and “MAMP” – for Mac OS

For WAMP Users –

First start your Wamp server.


Create a file and save it with extension “.php” into the directory www. Now, you can run directly from any browser with its filename.php.

Ex –


Save this file into directory: wamp/www/myfirstprogram.php

To Run: – Go to browser and search: http://localhost/myfirstprogram.php

Note:- By default the Apache Server runs on Port – 80. If there is any other port then, you have to run program as:

Suppose 8080 is port.


For Xampp Users:

If you are using Xampp, then please follow this directory-

Suppose your Xampp is installed in C-directory.

C:/xampp/htdocs/your php files

To Run: – Same as mentioned above for WAMP