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PHP 7 – Scalar Type Declarations

Scalar type declarations is one of the top feature added to PHP 7. There has been a big debate regarding correct way to use type declarations.

What is scalar type declaration in PHP 7?

Scalar type declarations means a function will accept arguments (parameters) or return values only of the given scalar data types.

How to declare Scalar type ?

To declare a scalar type declaration, you have to put scalar data type before the parameter name.

function Sum(int $a, int$b)
return $a + $b;

In the above example, PHP 7 interpreter will check first if $a and $b variables are integers. If $a and $b are integers then function will be called otherwise PHP 7 interpreter will generate a special type of TypeError exception.

Scalar type declaration has two options –

  1. Coercive – By default coercive mode is enabled. So, need not to be specify.
  2. Strict – Strict mode throws type error when the type doesn’t match.

Example of Coercive Mode


   // Coercive mode
   function mySum(int ...$ints) {
      return array_sum($ints);
   print(mySum(1, '2', 3.2));

//Output: 6

Example of Strict Mode


//Strict mode

function mySum(int ...$ints) {
    return array_sum($ints);

print(sum(4, 5, '2', 2.1));

//Output: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function sum()....