How to fix WordPress 5 Publishing failed or Updating failed issue?


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I am working on WordPress and started to post a new post but its giving error “Updating failed”. I am not able to edit the post and also not able to post a new article.

WordPress Version: 5.0.2. Any Idea if you have please share to resolve this issue?


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  1. deepakpandit.035
    October 4, 2019 at 2:13 am

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    I was facing the same problem, when I updated wordpress to the latest version. I checked the console errors and many things to find out the actual reasons behind it. But nothing fixed this problem.
    Finally, I found a very easy solution which worked for me.
    I have attached screenshot where you’ve to make changes. Or, you can follow steps listed below:

    – Just go to the WordPress Dashboard.
    – Then go the Settings->Permalinks.
    – And there I changed the Common Settings for permalinks, and saved changes.
    – Again reopen the same page : Settings->Permalinks. And restore the option which were saved earlier.

    It worked!!!
    Hope you find this useful .


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