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What is seo? A step-by-step guide for beginners

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the practice of optimizing contents to be discovered on search engine as organic search results.

How to optimize contents for SEO, and what “ranking factors” actually matters?
– In order to understand this, first thing you should understand how search engine work.

How search engines work?

Search engines performs lots of activities to deliver search results.

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Page rank

1. Crawling

Crawling is the process of collecting all pages of a website. It is also called spider (Googlebot incase of Google).

2. Indexing –

Store and organize the content of pages found during the crawling process is called indexing. Indexing uses the words and expressions and help to describe a page in best way.

3. Page rank –

Helps to provide the pieces of content as a results of searcher’s query. The results are ordered by most relevant to least relevant.

So, these three activities perform in order to crawl, index and ranking of your web content.

Google, Yahoo, Bing etc are the search engines. Search engines changes its relevancy algorithm multiple times in a month. When you see change in your website ranking, it all because of algorithm shift.

How to do SEO?

There are two ways to do SEO:

  1. White hat SEO
  2. Black hat SEO

1. What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is a techniques and strategies that target human audience for a search engine.

White Hat Strategies:

  • Relevant contents
  • Relevant links and references
  • Well-labeled images
  • Unique and relevant page titles

2. What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a technique which works in against of Google algorithm. It make google to rank a webpage forcefully.

Black Hat Strategies:

  • Duplicate contents
  • Cloaking or redirecting a user to another site or page
  • Links from sites with non-relevant web page content