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How to Create Simple Shopping Cart Software using PHP and MySQL

Learning about how to create shopping cart software is really very interesting and easy. Shopping cart software concept comprises of addition, deletion and updation of a product to the cart.

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Top 10 Python Security Best Practices

On the languid island of Gozo, security isn’t a worry. Vacationers can leave their sacks[…read more]

Pagination in Codeigniter with Step by Step

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use codeigniter pagination in order to display[…read more]

What is caching and how it works?

Caching is a technique to speed up the data reading by reusing the same data.[…read more]

What is seo? A step-by-step guide for beginners

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the practice of optimizing contents to be[…read more]

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Top 10 Python Security Best Practices

Python – Getter and Setter Methods

Python – Polymorphism

Python – Method Overriding

Python – Method Overloading

Python – Inheritance

Python – Encapsulation

Python – Abstraction

Python – Constructor & Destructor

Python – Attributes

Python – Object Oriented Concepts

Procedural Vs. Object Oriented Programming

Python – *args and **kwargs

Python – Lambda Functions

Python – Built-in Functions

Python – Concept of __name__ & __main__

Python Files Input/Output

Python – Command Line Parameters

Python Decorators

Python Generators

Python Iterators

Changing the Default Delimiter

Introduction to Stored Procedure

MySQL Stored Procedure

PHP OOP – Final Method and Final Class

PHP OOP – Methods Overriding

JavaScript – Symbols

JavaScript – Async and Await Function

JavaScript – Fetch API

JavaScript – Ajax

JavaScript – Promise.all

JavaScript – Promise

JavaScript – Modules

JavaScript – Class Inheritance

JavaScript – OOP Introduction

JavaScript – Spread Operator

JavaScript – Rest Operator

JavaScript – Destructuring Array

JavaScript – Arrow Functions

JavaScript – Template Literals

JavaScript – Let and Const Variable

Advance JavaScript – Introduction

Default Post Types in WordPress

PHP Date and Time

PHP OOP – Interfaces

Hooks in wordpress. How to use wordpress hooks?

Top WordPress Interview Questions – 2021

PHP OOP – Static Methods and Properties

PHP OOP – Traits

A Python program to print Fibonacci series upto n number with the help of recursion.

A Python program to calculate factorial of a number with the help of recursion.

Python Comprehension

Top Python Interview Questions & Answers For 2021

A Python program to display and sum of a list of numbers using while loop.

Python Dictionaries

Python Tuple

Python List

Python Functions

Python – Scope of Variables

Strings and Characters

The pass Statement

The break and continue Statement

Nested Loops

Infinite Loops

The for Loop

The While Loop

Python If … Else

A Python program to check whether a given number is in between 1 and 10.

A Python program to accept a number from the keyboard and test whether it is even or odd.

A Python program to test whether a number is even or odd.

A python program to calculate the area of a circle.

PHP OOP – Abstract Classes

PHP OOP – Class Constants

PHP OOP – Inheritance

PHP OOP – Access Modifiers

PHP OOP – Destructor

PHP OOP – Constructor

PHP OOP – Classes and Objects

PHP – What is OOP

Lifecycle of Component in ReactJS

Passing Arguments to Event Handlers in ReactJS

Update State using setState Method in ReactJS

Event Handling in ReactJS

State in ReactJS

Children in JSX in React

Typechecking with PropTypes in ReactJS

ReactJS – Props

ReactJS – Components

ReactJS – JSX

ReactJS – Environment Setup

ReactJS Introduction

Pagination in Codeigniter with Step by Step

PHP Call By Value

PHP Parameterized Function

PHP Functions

Python Comments

Commonly Confused Words

Type checking and its types

PHP Arrays

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