In MySQL, a right join is used to combine all rows from the right table with matching rows from the left table based on a related column between them, and returns NULL for the columns from the left table where there is no matching row. The basic syntax for a right join in MySQL is:

SELECT columns
FROM table1
ON table1.column = table2.column;

In this syntax, columns are the columns you want to select from the combined tables, table1 is the left table and table2 is the right table you want to join, and column is the related column between the two tables.

Here’s an example of a right join between two tables:

SELECT orders.order_id, customers.customer_name
FROM orders
RIGHT JOIN customers
ON orders.customer_id = customers.customer_id;

In this example, the orders table and the customers table are joined using the customer_id column, but all records from the customers table are returned, even if there is no matching record in the orders table. If there is no matching record in the orders table, the order_id column will be NULL.

For example, consider two tables, employees and departments, where the departments table has a column dept_id that relates to the employees table’s column dept_id. We can use a right join to get all the departments, along with the employees assigned to each department, even if there are no matching employees.

SELECT employees.employee_name, departments.department_name
FROM employees
RIGHT JOIN departments
ON employees.dept_id = departments.dept_id;

In this example, if there is no matching employee for a department, the employee_name column will be NULL. This can be useful when you want to analyze department data and need to include employee information, but not all departments may have employees assigned yet. However, it’s worth noting that in practice, right joins are less commonly used compared to left joins, as it’s generally easier to write queries using left joins and get the same result.

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