Python Program to check if the given number is a palindrome number

Here’s an example Python code to check if a given number is a palindrome:

# Define a function to check if a number is a palindrome
def is_palindrome(num):
    # Convert the number to a string and reverse it
    reversed_num_str = str(num)[::-1]
    # Compare the original and reversed strings
    return str(num) == reversed_num_str

# Test the function with some sample numbers
num1 = 12321
num2 = 12345
if is_palindrome(num1):
    print(num1, "is a palindrome.")
    print(num1, "is not a palindrome.")
if is_palindrome(num2):
    print(num2, "is a palindrome.")
    print(num2, "is not a palindrome.")

In this code, we define a function is_palindrome() that takes one argument num and returns True if the number is a palindrome, and False otherwise. To check if the number is a palindrome, we first convert it to a string using the str() function. We then use slicing with a step value of -1 to reverse the string. Finally, we compare the original string and the reversed string to check if they are equal.

In the main program, we test the is_palindrome() function with some sample numbers num1 and num2. We use an if statement to check if each number is a palindrome, and use the print() function to output the result.

When you run this code, it should output:

12321 is a palindrome.
12345 is not a palindrome.

Note that you can replace the sample numbers with any other numbers you want to test the function with.

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