C goto Statement

The “goto” statement is a control flow statement in the C programming language that allows the program to jump to a labeled statement within the same function.

The syntax for a “goto” statement is as follows:

goto label;

Here, “label” is the name of the statement that the program should jump to. The label must be defined earlier in the same function.

label: statement;

The label is defined by placing an identifier followed by a colon before the statement. The statement associated with the label is executed when the “goto” statement is executed.

The use of “goto” statements is generally discouraged in modern programming languages because it can make code more difficult to read and understand. However, in some cases, such as error handling, it can be useful to jump to a specific location in the code to handle a particular situation.

It is important to use “goto” statements judiciously and to ensure that they are used correctly to avoid creating code that is difficult to maintain or debug.

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