Java Class Methods

Java class methods are functions or procedures defined within a class in the Java programming language. They can be used to perform specific tasks or operations on objects of the class, or they can be used to manipulate data within the class.

Here is an example of a Java class with a method:

public class MyClass {
  int x;

  public void setX(int value) {
    x = value;

In this example, the MyClass class has a single method called setX, which sets the value of the x variable to the specified value. The method is declared with the public keyword, which means that it can be accessed from other classes. The void keyword specifies that the method does not return a value.

To call this method on an object of the MyClass class, we would do the following:

MyClass obj = new MyClass();

This creates a new instance of the MyClass class and sets the value of its x variable to 10 using the setX method.

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