AEM OSGi – Bundles and services

In Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) framework is a key component that facilitates modularity, extensibility, and dynamic behavior in the platform. OSGi bundles and services are fundamental concepts in AEM’s implementation of the OSGi framework.

  1. OSGi Bundles: A bundle in AEM is a JAR (Java Archive) file that contains Java classes, resources, and metadata. Bundles are the basic units of modularization in AEM and can be independently installed, started, stopped, and updated at runtime without affecting the entire system.
    • Bundles in AEM follow the OSGi specification, which defines a set of rules for managing their lifecycle, versioning, and dependencies.
    • Bundles in AEM can provide functionality such as servlets, services, components, configurations, and more, which can be dynamically added or removed without disrupting the overall system.
  2. OSGi Services: A service in AEM is a Java object that implements a particular interface and provides functionality that can be accessed by other components in a loosely-coupled manner.
    • Services are registered with the OSGi Service Registry and can be dynamically discovered and used by other bundles or services through a service interface.
    • Services in AEM are the building blocks for modular, reusable, and pluggable components that can be assembled together to create complex applications.
    • Examples of services in AEM include data sources, event handlers, resource providers, configuration factories, and more.

OSGi bundles and services work together to enable the dynamic behavior and flexibility of AEM. Bundles encapsulate and package the code and resources, while services provide the runtime functionality that can be discovered and used by other components.

This modular approach allows for easy extensibility, versioning, and management of functionality in AEM, making it a powerful and scalable platform for building digital experiences.

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