AEM – OSGi SCR (Service Component Runtime)

SCR (Service Component Runtime) is an OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative) specification that is widely used in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) for managing OSGi components. Here’s a more detailed explanation of SCR in AEM:

  1. Component Definition: SCR allows developers to define components using either OSGi annotations or XML configurations. Components are Java classes that are annotated with @Component or defined in XML files with a .xml extension. These components represent various functionalities in AEM, such as servlets, filters, listeners, and schedulers.

    Example of a component definition using OSGi annotations in AEM:

    public class MyService implements MyServiceInterface {
        // Component implementation
  2. Component Lifecycle: SCR in AEM provides automatic lifecycle management for components. Components can be dynamically activated, deactivated, and updated based on their configurations. SCR takes care of managing the lifecycle of components, ensuring that they are properly activated and deactivated as needed.
  3. Component Dependencies: Components in AEM can have dependencies on other components or OSGi services. SCR manages these dependencies automatically, ensuring that components are properly bound and unbound based on their dependencies. This allows for dynamic service binding, where components can adapt to the availability of services at runtime.
  4. Component Configuration: SCR in AEM allows components to be configured using OSGi configurations. These configurations can be defined as properties in the OSGi Web Console or in configuration files, and SCR automatically updates the components with the latest configuration values.
  5. SCR Annotations: In addition to @Component, SCR in AEM provides other annotations such as @Reference for defining component dependencies, @Properties for defining component properties, and @Designate for defining configuration interfaces. These annotations provide a powerful and flexible way to define and manage components in AEM.

SCR is a key feature in AEM for developing modular, extensible, and configurable components. It simplifies the development and management of OSGi components in AEM, allowing for dynamic and flexible application behavior.

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